National High Technology Centre of Georgia offers services on the development of process control systems and development and introduction of modern control methods and technical means
Isotope separation high-tech processes require respective control systems development and installation. Such control systems are in operation at the production cites of National High Technology Centre of Georgia and its partner companies.
Collaboration of the companies, set up on the base of NHTC is developed on the characteristic principles of an industrial park; and which is most important, including development of control systems for the respective production processes, working out and using common approaches; though production plants belong to different companies, and control systems are based on different software/hardware means.
Engineering Company “Semper”, GE Automation (GE Fanuc till 2009) company’s service provider in the Caucasian region is our close partner. The Company’s priority is to support local development of control systems using local resources. Thus, the Company pays special attention to training specialists, and draws up and supplies comprehensive technical documents and developed software to local customers. The above precedent guarantees customer’s time and money savings, as they do not need to lose either time for formal communication with foreign companies, as well as spend substantial amounts to cover short-term visits of high-paid foreign specialists.
Besides, our specialists take part in the creation of systems in various enterprises, and in particular:54654654654645

  • Tbilisi Underground (power supply dispatching control system design and installation);
  • Rustavi Chemicals Plant (gasoline plant control system design and installation);
  • Rustavi Metallurgical Works (reinforcement rolling mill control system);
  • Tbilisi Aircraft Plant (computer-based control system for furnaces for steel items heat treatment);
  • Heidelberg cement mill in Rustavi (Control system installation);
  • Sugar mill in Agara (development and installation of computer information system for quicklime production);
  • Lugar Microbiology Laboratory (installation of power and information network).