NHTC Analytical laboratory conducts quality control of high purity substances and electronic grade gases. The park of our instruments comprises:

  • Mass spectrometers, conducting isotope enrichment measurements in various products;
  • Gas chromatograph, used for measuring electronic grade gas purity up to 1 ppm;
  • Ion chromatograph for measuring anion impurities in various products up to 1 ppm;
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer to measure the level of metallic impurities in the product up to 1 ppb.

Besides, highly experiences and qualified chemists provide services on various purpose chemical analyses.
Calibration: Our Company has substantial experience in the calibration of various purpose measuring units, and in particular:

  • Temperature measuring units;
  • Pressure gauges;
  • Flow meters;
  • Calibration of various electronic signal measuring devices.