ISTC G-016: Boron-10 Materials Production (1997-1999)

“Development of Technologies for Boron-10 Isotope Modified Boron-containing Materials Production and their Properties Investigation.”

Collaborator: Eagle Picher Technologies, LLC

ISTC G-031: Boron-11 Enriched Reactor Materials (1998-2000)

“Development and Creation of Reactor Materials Containing Isotope Modified Boron Enriched with Boron-11 Isotope.”

Collaborator: Eagle Picher Technologies, LLC

ISTC G-033: Ion-Implanted Neutron Detectors (1998-2000)

“Design of the Processes for the Development of Ion-Implanted Semiconductor Thermal Neutron Detectors.”

Collaborator: Instituto Technology Nuclear

ISTC G-218: Boron materials Production (1999-2001)

“Investigation of the Highly Pure Boric Acid and Elemental Boron Labeled with Boron-10 or Boron-11 Isotopes Production Processes and Gain in Efficiency of Boron Isotopes Concentrating Process”

Collaborator: Eagle Picher Technologies, LLC

ISTC G-218-2: Boron Materials Production (2003-2005)

“Investigation of the Production Processes of Highly Pure Boric Acid and Elemental Boron Labeled with Boron-10 or Boron-11 Isotopes and of the Gain in Efficiency of the Boron Isotope Concentrating Process”

Collaborator: RWE NUKEM Inc.

ISTC G-339: Diagnostics of Isotope Processes for Breath Testing (2001-2003)

“Development of Enhanced Carbon-13 Isotope Separation, Synthesis and Measurement Technologies for Application in Diagnostic Breath Testing in Georgia”


  • Isonics Corporation
  • Mukogawa Women's University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • St. Elisabeth/ St. Petrus Joint Hospital
  • Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat

ISTC G-827: Ultra High Purity Xenon (2003-2005)

“Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Ultra High Purity Xenon Production Process by Method of Low Temperature Rectification”


  • Waseda University / Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering
  • University of Tokyo / International Center for Elementary Particle Physics
  • High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

ISTC G-891: Wasteless Biotechnologycal Cycle for Reprocessing Municipal Wastes (2005-2007)

“Development of Wasteless Biotechnological Cycle for Reprocessing of Municipal Solid Wastes with Production of Energy and Organic-Mineral Fertilizers”


  • Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l'Environnement
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Essor Europe
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

ISTC G-1110: Boron Isotopes-Based Materials (2005-2007)

“Development of a Package of Technologies for Commercial Production of Boron Isotopes-Based Materials and Items”

Collaborator: Spectra Gases

STCU P-416: High purity crystalline Boron (2009-2011)

“Development of Technologies for the production of high purity crystalline Boron”


  • US Departament of Energy
  • Los Alamos National laboratory

NATO SFP 973986 : Development of low scale bioreactors (2000-2003)